Pet Waste Services


I will come to your home as often as you need.... once a week, twice a week, three times a week, or even as a one time clean-up. Most customers prefer 1-2 times a week. Waste clean up services benefit busy families with limited free time, parents or day care centers that need clean yards for children to play in, families with multiple pets who need extra clean-up help, those with physical limitations, the elderly, pregnant women who can not (should not) clean their cat boxes, apartment complexes, parks, nursing homes, or building complexes that need a clean environment. Plus, many lawn care specialists will not perform their services on a dirty yard... And will sometimes even mow around dog waste piles, leaving you big patches of tall grass in your newly mowed lawn! I can come out and clean up for you so your lawn care specialist will have a clean yard to service properly.



 If left to accumulate over time, dog waste can ruin your property, attract disease carrying insects and rodents, and cause offensive odors... Making your yard a "not so nice" place to relax and play. An unclean yard can also cause serious health hazards for your family and pets. Dog waste can spread diseases such as Salmonella, roundworm, and hookworm --not to mention that it can be a real threat to the environment by causing contamination to our water supplies. When left on the ground, pet wastes get carried away by rainwater and contribute harmful bacteria, parasites, and viruses to our water. A clean yard is healthier for your family, pets, and the environment. Pup-P-Doo Crew will come to your house each week and clean your yard for you.

 When service time comes, any dog feces from your yard will be scooped, sealed in bags, and the bags will be placed in your pre-approved trash receptacle for your garbage collector to take away on your trash service day. 

It usually isn't a problem to anyone, however, occasionally I have a customer ask me why I do not haul the waste off with me? My answer is the fact that I am a pet sitter as well. As a pet owner myself, I have some issues about hauling a pet in the same vehicle that has been hauling waste. I hold a very high standard about my vehicle being clean and sanitized inside. My pet sitting animals may have to ride there in an emergency. I would NEVER want my dog to ride in a smelly vehicle that has been hauling pet waste, whether the waste is sealed up or not, and I certainly would never expect a customer's pet to have to ride there, either. 



Cat waste from an infected cat can spread a disease called Toxoplasmosis to humans. The condition in adults is so mild that it often goes unnoticed. However, this disease can cause serious risks to an unborn baby when a woman is pregnant. An unborn baby may suffer serious illness, lasting damage, or might even die from Toxoplasmosis. 

Kit-T-Doo Crew will come to your house each week and clean your cat box for you!



Pup-P-Doo Crew & Kit-T-Doo Crew, Phone or TXT (717) 634-0463,



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