Pet Waste Clean Up Rates



Please call for your free on site consultation. Rates could vary for commercial properties,  very large lots, and unusual conditions or obstacles. Size of the yard, number of dogs, and your option of clean up times are all factors in determining the rates. Services can be provided as many times per week as you wish Monday through Friday. Most customers prefer 1-2 times a week.

RATES                        1 DOG     2 DOGS     3 DOGS     4 DOGS

WEEKLY -------------------- $10.00 ---- $12.00 ----- $15.00 ----- $18.00

TWICE WEEKLY ---------- $6.00 ---- $9.00 ------- $13.00 ----- $16.00

EVERY TWO WEEKS - $15.00 --- $20.00

First time clean-up fee is $30.00 an hour ($15.00 each half hour after.) For clean yards, there will be no set up fee.  All first time clean ups and one time clean ups will be performed with TWO scoopers working in your yard, not just one scooper... most yards are cleaned within one hour.

If you are just needing a one time clean up, please call for an estimate.



 Service can be provided as many times per week as you wish Monday through Friday. Most customers prefer 1 time a week.

RATES  $8.00 per standard Kitty pan

               $10.00 per pan used by three or more cats

**PA Sales Tax will be added to all Pup-P-Doo & Kit-T-Doo waste clean up services**





 Pup-P-Doo Crew & Kit-T-Doo Crew

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