Pet Waste Policies



**I do not use unsanitary equipment. All of my equipment is disinfected after every service.

**You are responsible for providing me with a pre-approved on site outside trash receptacle or waste container for use at the time service is performed.

** In an extreme case, if an aggressive animal should happen to get loose during service and attack me, I do carry nonviolent canine oil based dog repellant spray for my protection which I will use to control the dog. If an incident does occur, you will be responsible for any resulting fees.

**I do not clean within a chained dog's reach if he exhibits aggressive behavior toward me.

**I do not work with children in the yard (I love children, but safety & work efficiency come first!)

**I am not responsible for picking up toys, trash, chemicals, yard equipment, or any miscellaneous items other than dog waste in yards. Although I will try to report any if I notice them, I do not check.... Nor am I ever responsible for checking for any potential safety hazards or conditions in yards or around yards and homes. Any existing items or situations that may cause potential safety hazards to pets, children, and me are the sole responsibility of the homeowner. I am not a safety guard --I just scoop poop!

**If I am there to just perform outside waste scooping service, I do not accept responsibility for any aspect of the security of your home.

**Although I like to think I am athletic, I do not jump or climb fences! If your yard is locked at the time of service, I will not be able to perform the clean-up. The first time your yard is locked at a scheduled clean-up, I will call and reschedule a new visit with you. The second time I come for a scheduled service (and every time thereafter) and the yard is locked, we will leave without performing the service and WILL charge you the normal clean up fee.

**If you are going on vacation and your dog will not be there, please let me know  and I will not visit for your scheduled yard service until your dog returns. This way, you will not be charged for an unecessary visit. If you do not notify me of the vacation, I will come for the scheduled clean up, and you will be charged the normal fee. Some people prefer me to come anyway... this makes it appear that you are still home while you are away.

**Please give me 24 hours notice for cancellations of service.

**I do not perform service during inclement weather. I will reschedule a visit for you at an approved time.

**There will be a $35.00 fee for bounced checks/payments and all services will be temporarily discontinued until all fees are paid in full. When service is resumed, a new start up fee will be required and possibly another first time clean up fee.

** Payments are expected in a timely manner, all delinquent payments one month or more overdue may be sent to a collection agency. All accounts sent to a collection agency will incur a $40.00 service fee.

Please contact me by phone or TXT at (717) 634-0463  or by email at or if you ever have any questions or concerns. I will be happy to help you!!

Payments may be paid on-site at service time or mailed to me. Please make checks or money orders payable to Pup-P-Doo Crew & Kit-T-Doo Crew. Please remember to include PA sales tax with payments!    


Pup-P-Doo Crew & Kit-T-Doo Crew, Phone or TXT (717) 634-0463, Email






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