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Pup-P-Doo & Kit-T-Doo Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Service

Tired of boarding your pet in smelly kennels and trying to be there in time for those annoying drop-off and pick-up times? Does your pet have problems with "accidents" when you work long hours? Pup-P-Doo & Kit-T Doo Crew can help you! I offer pet sitting and Bathroom Breaks. I can make up to 4 visits a day to your home to let your pet or pets relieve himself/herself, get exercise, and receive fresh food and water if desired. Most customers prefer 2-3 visits. The average Bathroom Break lasts about 30 minutes per visit. I also make daily walking appointments if desired. I can give some medications (oral medications only, no shots.)  *Remember that I watch cats, too!*

The average Bathroom Break is $15.00 a visit (Up to three dogs. More than three dogs costs extra.)

* Holiday care & last minute visits (those giving less than 24 hr. notice) Add $5.00 per visit

* Extra trips for key pick-ups and key drop-offs: $5.00

Pet Sitting Key Options

In order to give you added convenience,  provide last minute needs, and to avoid key pick up and return charges, I offer a "Keep Safe Key "program. If you choose to use my "Keep Safe Key" program, Pup-P-Doo & Kit-T-Doo Crew will store your keys at no extra charge. Keys will be stored in a locked box with coded labels to ensure your security so that your name and address will never physically be attatched to the stored keys.

If you are uncomfortable with the "Keep Safe Key" program, I highly recommend that you purchase a Lock Key Box at your local hardware store or online.  This will put you in charge of your keys at all times, and they will never leave your immediate premises. Before you leave from home, you simply place a door key in the Lock Box compartment and attach the portable Lock Box to a mutually agreed upon location (your door handle is most common). The Lock Box device is very safe... the majority of Realtors as well as professional maid services use them.

If you choose not to enroll in the "Keep Safe Key" program, or use a Lock Box, a $5.00 fee will be added to the total bill for each trip that is needed to pick up or drop off a key. I DO NOT leave keys in a public accessible location such as a door mat, flower pot, rock, mail box, etc., so please do not ask me to!


Please call or email to set up a free one time registration session to meet with you and your pet(s). During this time, I will get to know you and your pet and get detailed information about your pet's personality, daily routines, and needs. I will also review Pup-P-Doo & Kit-T-Doo policies, services, fees, and complete a service agreement with veterinarian care authorization. At the time of registration, please have a key ready and tested and make sure your pet's name tags, shots, and flea treatments are up to date.

For any of the pet sitting services, all pets must be at least 6 months of age or older, have current vaccinations, and be non-aggressive towards me.


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