Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Policies


All pets must be at least 6 months of age or older.

All pets must have current, up to date vaccinations.

All pets must be non-aggressive towards me.

Pup-P-Doo Crew & Kit-T-Doo Crew is not liable for any damages caused by your pet(s), including damages to the inside of your home, floors, carpets, and furniture by biting, clawing, etc., and damages to your yard and plants. If your pet has a destructive nature when left alone, please confine your pet in an area where he/she can do no damage.

I will try my best to clean up any "accidents" on linoleum or in plastic crates with water and paper towels, however, I do not attempt to clean carpets and am not responsible for any soiling that your pet does to your carpet. If your pet has a weak bladder or is prone to having accidents, please keep your pet in a pre-approved area that can be cleaned easily.

As every pet owner knows, pets have tendencies to find mud puddles and will occasionally drag dirt inside. I will try my best to wipe off your pet(s) paws if I am provided with an old towel, however, I am not responsible for the occasional dirt or mud brought in by your pet. 

If your pets have outdoor access, I am not responsible for the injury, disappearance, or theft of your pets. Nor am I responsible for any damage or injuries your pets cause to others or others' properties.

I do not administer insulin or any medicines in a shot form.

In the event of cancellation of scheduled services, there may be a $15.00 cancellation fee.

Cancellations of visits during the Christmas/New Years holidays with less than two weeks notice are non-refundable.

I accept cash and checks. All returned checks will incur a $35.00 fee.

At your request, I can keep you updated on the well being of your pet by phone, TXT, or email.

Payments are expected in a timely manner. All delinquent payments one month or more overdue may be sent to a collection agency. All accounts sent to a collection agency will incur a $40.00 service fee.

A key pick up and drop off charge of $5.00-$10.00 may be applied in some circumstances. (Price depending on where you live.)

Let me know if you will be arriving home late on the day of the last visit or if there are any unusual circumstances or changes in plans. Failure to notify me of changes may result in termination of future services.

Please call Pup-P-Doo & kit-T-Doo Crew to let me know when you are home safe!


Pup-P-Doo Crew & Kit-T-Doo Crew, Phone or TXT  (717) 634-0463



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